A classic travelling destination, at first glance DUCK Thailand could seem rather gap yar style. Yes, there are elephants. Abused, pitiful and now rescued elephants are waiting for you. But this DUCK expedition also features running summer schools for Burmese refugee kids. Have fun, and make an impact.

This project is in aid of Globalteer's Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary, Mobile education partnership & kickstart art



The work

During this expedition you will spend 2 weeks volunteering close to Chiang Rai, helping rehabilitate elephants previously exploited through the logging trade, elephant rides, and circus shows. This volunteer work includes helping maintain the sanctuary, harvesting crops, and feeding the elephants. You'll then spent 2 weeks with MEP/KickStart Art, near Mae Sot, running summer schools for Burmese refugees. Here you will be able to introduce these children to new opportunities and concepts, making an impact on their lives. Both are truly rewarding projects in need of help!


TRavel opportunities

The trip will round off with a week of travel, and this is up to the team. This may be a tough decision as Thailand offers no end of incredible travel opportunities! You can spend time exploring the stunning and nearby city of Chang Mai. Your team could also discover the historic, bustling city of Bangkok, and all its temples, bars, and culture, or spend time relaxing on the beaches of the infamous and incredibly beautiful Thai islands.