Replacing Romania 2018, we're very excited to introduce Tanzania! An old DUCK Project revisited, this Project offers you the chance to truly immerse yourself into the local culture as well as making a real tangible difference in the lives of the children and youth you encounter, supporting the entire Maasai community.

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2019 leader: Ellie Casey

I’m Ellie and I will be leading this year’s DUCK expedition to Tanzania. I’m a third year biology student at Cuths, and last year I lead the Uganda expedition. I had an amazing time last year, and I can’t wait to revisit East Africa to work with FutureSense. In Tanzania, we will be volunteering for three weeks with one of the charities partner schools, carrying out maintenance work during the mornings, and running creative sessions of our choice in the afternoons. Our final week in Tanzania will be spent travelling, chilling on the beach in Zanzibar, and on safari in the Serengeti.