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What is a Ragraid?

Rag Raids are a fun, engaging and rewarding opportunity to raise money (usually in fancy dress) for UK charities in cities across the country. You get to explore a multitude of destinations for exciting days out with friends whilst supporting our incredible partner charities. 

In a few hours, you can collect enough money to pay for a nurse for a day in a cancer hospice or fund a day of lifesaving scientific research. The satisfaction of watching someone stop in a busy street in an effort to put a £10 note in your bucket is something that you can only experience on a ragraid. They can also be great at confidence enhancers  – especially when you are dressed in a ridiculous costume in the middle of a busy street on a Saturday lunchtime. 

They are a great way to explore the North East as well as places further afield. It gives you a great opportunity to spend some time in a new city, giving you time to go shopping or for a night out.

 Where can you explore?

In the past we have travelled to York, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Blackpool. 

The locations and charities for 2018/19 Rag Raids will be released soon!



For more information about RagRaids please email: