RAG raids

Just imagine it. A group of students decked out from head to toe in fancy dress, armed with buckets and an almighty charm, in streets all across the country. Well, essentially that’s what a raid is. Working for our incredible charity partners, we will visit various cities all the public to give up their spare change all for an amazing cause.

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So, What is it all about?

Raids will be vibrant, rewarding and engaging affairs. Never a dull moment. Not only do you know you’ve contributed to changing the lives of those who are charity partners support. It’s a whole load of fun. Think fancy dress, balloons, glitter, everything. The whole point is to get noticed! Also, they’re a great opportunity to meet new people from all across the uni, and as a friendly bunch we will make sure we celebrate our efforts in styles with a signature Rag Raids ‘sesh’ at the end of each Raid. 

On top of ALL that, it’s a chance to travel to some of the loveliest cities the UK has to offer and experience something you’ll never forget. Some raids will be overnight trips, so that’s one less night with your snoring roommate, and one night gained immersing yourself in a fulfilling and exciting experience.


For more information visit our Facebook page or contact Alia Muhanna, dsu.duck-ragraids@durham.ac.uk