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Approximate dates:  Early August - Early September
Approximate fundraising target: £3000 (inc. £1100 charitable donation)
Number of places: 15
2017 Expedition Leader: Gillian Scott (
Application deadline:

If you get excited by stunning scenery, if you love the challenge of a high altitude trek or if you just love working with children then the 2017 Peru Expedition is for you! Next summer DUCK will be sending 15 students to Peru to work alongside the Picaflor House Volunteer Community Project in Cusco. This project aims to take children off the streets and provide them with a safe environment where they can learn and develop. As a volunteer you will spend 3 weeks teaching English, doing arts and crafts, playing sport, building stoves in the houses in the community, renovating Picaflor House and hopefully helping to improve the lives of the children you work with.

Weekends off in the project will allow the team to immerse themselves in the everyday life of the fantastic city of Cusco, as well as travel to surrounding areas. One weekend will be spent visiting the Kiya Survivors Rainbow House, an orphanage built for children with special needs who, before the project was set up, were not being admitted by other orphanages, despite being orphaned, abused or neglected.

Aside from the project the group will spend 5 days trekking to Macchu Picchu. The Salkantay route is simply beautiful and the trip will take you in sight of the mountain’s glacier capped summit and up to altitudes of 4800m!

The last week or so of the trip is a chance to really get to grips with Peruvian culture. The team will decide across the year what to do with this time. Perhaps you'd like to cycle down a snow-covered volcano, perhaps you fancy surfing on sand, or maybe you just want to sunbathe in the desert, or chill by Lake Titikaka? Whatever it is that floats your boat, this trip will offer you the experience of a lifetime so if I were you I'd sign up now!

about the leader: 

Hi everyone! I’m Gillian and I’m a second year historian at Marys. Last summer I had the most incredible time on the Thailand expedition, and this summer I’m super excited to be leading a team of you out to Peru! It’s going to be an incredible 4 weeks of volunteering with disadvantaged kids, travelling and then trekking to Machu Picchu. Asides from organising DUCK’s best expedition of 2017, I’m captaining Marys hockey team and playing in orchestra, I also love baking and generally anything outdoorsy - and I squeeze my degree in alongside!

This July we’re going to be headed to Cusco, the town closest to Machu Picchu. For 3 weeks we’ll be volunteering at the Picaflor House Volunteer Community Project - which provides poorer kids of the village with a secure place where they can enjoy being children, and gives them an alternative to being ‘on the streets’, or going out to work with their parents. We’ll be assisting with both educational and fun activities for them, be involved in general maintenance and upkeep of Picaflor House, and helping out on any other local community projects that need us. We’ll then have free time on weekends to travel and explore the stunning surroundings, and of course at the end we’ll be trekking to Machu Picchu - definitely something I’ll be ticking off my bucket list!