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Applicants can be from any year group, college or course. We are looking for outgoing, enthusiastic and dedicated people who have an interest in raising money and awareness for amazing causes. Below are descriptions of the different teams you can apply to join. To keep updated as to how to apply please follow us on Facebook!

* Applications are open until Monday *

*Please note that applications for our expeditions will be taken at a later date. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information on this.



If you want to have a more active role in DUCK and help make the magic happen, join the Challenges team and make a difference! Be involved in the organisation and running of our challenge events (which include Jailbreak, Formally lost, a skydive and more….) and gain leadership and team-working skills that you will take into future careers. You'll be able to make a global impact while enriching your own uni experience through the friendships and bonds you'll make along the way!



The Endurance Team is open for applications! I’m looking for 8-10 super enthusiastic and hard working people to make our events a success. From running marathons to cycling across Europe, we arrange some of the most challenging events open to Durham students. If you’re interested in event organisation, liaising with charities or supporting people’s fundraising endeavours, this could be the place for you.



Being part of the DUCK events team is extremely rewarding, fun, and a great way to get involved in student life at Durham. This team is perfect for anyone who is enthusiastic about raising money for charity and enjoys organising events! Our events are individual and varied; each requiring lots of hard work and dedication, while also being so much fun to be a part of. Being part of DUCK is social, fun, and rewarding. Of course the events team is the team to go for!


Publicity & Communications

The DUCK Publicity team allows you to be involved with every part of DUCK, as we work with every team to ensure that news of all the amazing work we do reaches everyone in Durham. If you back yourself as social media king/ queen and have incredible caption game, make sure to get involved! We are also looking for people who have experience in photography, videography and graphic design. If you have a particular passion for one area of DUCK, but also want to be a part of shaping our brand, fear not as we also have individual publicity reps for each team! Help us spread all the amazing work DUCK does to the whole university, whilst having fun, making friends and the occasional mad social!


Pink Week

DUCK has just taken over Pink Week! This is an entire week in Epiphany term dedicated to raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer Now. I’m looking for a lively & dedicated team to help plan this epic week. If you are particularly passionate about this cause, love planning events and campaigns, then this is the team for you!


RAG raids

Rag Raids needs people who love doing their bit for charity, are creative and enjoy having a good time! Think one BIG social, all in the aid of some amazing causes, which (we promise) will be so much better than Klute. We’ll be organising raids in different cities all across the UK, working with charities to take to the street with some amazing people in fancy dress. We also will be encouraging students to get involved (promo is key!) Getting more hands on in planning raids means we can be super creative, with all the crazy themes, costumes and, of course, the ‘sesh’.



As part of this team you will help to liaise with all of the charities that we support as well as running campaigns to promote various causes. This will give you first-hand experience in working with such organisations, which is especially great for anyone interested in volunteering or looking to work in the third sector. We will also be organising a charities fair, giving students a great opportunity to network and various charities the chance to share their work. Last but not least, we will be raising money for local charities, something that is so worthwhile and extremely rewarding. So, if you’re passionate, organised and have some great ideas then come and join the charities team. I love it so I’m sure you will too!



The Sponsorship Team is a crucial aspect of DUCK as it completely depends on us to secure the said sponsorship to make sure that DUCK can continue doing what it does best- making a difference. We are looking for fresh ducklings who will help DUCK achieve its goal. The qualities that we are looking for are: hardworking ability, perseverance and passion! Sponsorship comes with a lot of work, writing emails to companies is easier said then done, hence we need people who I know won’t shy away from the work assigned to them and deliver them to the best of their capability. It can be extremely taxing and may not necessarily result in an expected or favoured outcome. Hence, it is crucial to be persistent and consistent with ones effort, in order to make sure the outcomes that we secure as a team benefitsIt will be extremely hard for individuals to deliver the above mentioned if they function without the passion to make a difference. Hence, I need individuals who don’t shy away from manifesting their creative energy into the goal of the sponsorship team.