The exec


3rd year studying Psychology from St. Mary’s

Hello! I joined DUCK because it seemed like a great way to help others whilst being involved in a group central to Durham Uni and meeting like-minded people! It also seemed like the perfect experience to have for working in the third sector when I graduate.

As chair this year, I hope to develop our outreach to the rest of the university and local community; to continue our incredible charity focus and to unify all our teams under our common goals.

My favourite DUCK moment was being involved in the 2019 Borneo expedition, which definitely has a special place in my heart.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me running, fundraising or shopping!

Charities OFFicer: LUCY DRYSDALE

2nd year studying Geography (BA) from St. Cuthbert’s

I joined DUCK because I really liked the ethos and collaborative nature of the society, I also hope to work in International Development in the future, so it is really interesting to find out more about the charities sector. I also wanted to help fundraise for some awesome charities!

In my role, I manage all liaison and contact with charities, organise the annual charities fair, run awareness campaigns and support publicity with promoting and developing good links with charities. I also help to promote student ambassador roles and career opportunities within the charities sector.

I want to help develop DUCK's presence on campus, run successful awareness campigns on a number of issues relating to charities we partner with, such as stigmas surrounding disability and mental health, women's issues, sustainability and youth issues. I want to create a platform to spread awareness about charity work and the charities sector in general to increase transparency and improve opportunities for students to access work experience and internships in the charities sector.

My favourite DUCK moment was fundraising for COCO and climbing Kilimanjaro, which was definitely one of the best experiences of my life.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me climbing, travelling and mountaineering!


3rd year studying Geography (BA) from St. Aidan’s

I've been part of DUCK since my first few weeks at Durham! I love finding out about new and exciting charity projects and encouraging people to raise money for them.

I really want to implement a better system to keep in control of DUCK's accounts and provide better reporting and analytics of fundraising totals.

My favourite DUCK moment was arriving in the centre of Paris after a long (and very warm) 3 day cycle to raise money for Breast Cancer Now.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me cycling, cooking or traveling!


Events OFFicer: JESS KELLY

2nd year studying Combined Honours in Chinese and Geography from St. John’s

I have always been involved in volunteer and charity work. From fundraising to volunteer with the elderly and sick on pilgrimage to Lourdes, to raising money for both local and international charities during sixth form, I thoroughly enjoy giving up my time to help others in a meaningful way. DUCK has been a great way to do just that in a supportive and exciting society.

As Events Officer, I hope to provide inclusive and enjoyable charity events for both the student and local community that spread awareness and raise money for good causes.

My favourite. DUCK moment was at 3am during Cathedral Sleepout. The experience of. walking around. Durham Cathedral at night was indescribable and made even better by the company and passion of the students to give back to their university community.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me sailing, hill walking or eating cake!

Challenges officer: MANUELA GRIFFIN

3rd year studying Geography from St. Cuthbert’s

I got involved with DUCK because I really wanted to give back to the community and I loved the DUCK events. We will be putting on some amazing challenges including some of our old classics and some new exhilarating event!

My favourite DUCK moment has been working with the challenges team. I have learnt so much and can’t wait to work alongside a new team this year.

When not involved with DUCK yo’ll find me cycling, horse riding or traveling!


Expeditions officer: RACHEL LITTLE

3rd year studying English and Philosophy from St. Mary’s

I was interest in taking part with DUCK because it was a chance to work with amazing people doing brilliant things.

I am to create a charity focused approach to expedition to increase awareness of the amazing work the projects do. I also would like to continue the work of past leaders to make the Expeditions process as smooth as possible.

My favourite DUCK moment was realising baby turtles on my Costa Rica expedition!

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me running, doing yoga or horse riding.



3rd year studying Chemistry from St. Aidan’s

I’d heard from a friend in 3rd year that DUCK was a really good society to be a part of. They said it was well established and had a good rep. I also really liked how DUCK puts on such a variety of activities and that all the roles are so varied, so I’d be learning a lot and also making some real change!

I would like to change structure of our fundraising workshops to make them more informative and targeted. I will start an email with weekly suggestions for volunteers to make them feel more supported by DUCK as well as being on hand for other teams to help out with fundraising advice.

My favourite DUCK moment was when I dressed up as a duck in Market Square trying to sell DUCK Race tickets.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me reading, baking or playing tennis!


Endurance officer: ALEX CAMPBELL

2nd year studying International Relations from St. Mary’s

I was interested in giving a little bit back after having been pretty fortunate so far.

All Endurance Officer, I hope to fill all the spaces on the events that we have on offer. Also, I would like to give an unprecedented amount of support to those taking part in our events.

My favourite DUCK moment was seeing the people who ran the marathon for DUCK last year cross the finish line and see how rewarding it was!

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me playing tennis or football or scuba diving.



2nd year studying Primary Education from St. Mary’s

There are so many branches within DUCK that there really is something for everyone. I started university wanting to try new things and meet plenty of new people. DUCK was a huge part of my first year at Durham and I can't wait to see what second year and third year bring. I loved being a part of the Pink Week 2019 Team raising money for Breast Cancer Now and I also signed-up to trek to Everest Base Camp in aid of Hope for Children.

I am really excited to be on the DUCK Exec this year and I look forward to working with the College DUCK Representatives to raise money for fantastic causes! Within my role I aim to: liaise with the reps to ensure that their fundraising events are as successful as they can be; work closely with the reps to ensure university-wide DUCK events are known about throughout the college community; establish a platform to allow reps to share ideas and potentially collaborate on fundraising events.

My favourite moment was taking part in the Everest Base Camp trek in aid of Hope for Children. It was definitely a once in a lifetime trip.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me singing, doing yogalates or having a good boogie!


3rd year studying Economics with Management from Van Mildert

I joined DUCK because I wanted to reach out to a wider community of students, locals and the general public to do a little bit of good during my time at Durham. I would love to make DUCK even more integrated into the spirit of the Uni.

My favourite DUCK moment was the RAG Raid in Edinburgh.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me running, travelling or cooking.


Publicity & Communications OFFICER: Emily Woolf

3rd year studying Anthropology from Grey

I joined the Publicity Team in my first year as a creative outlet whilst also raising awareness of amazing causes. I have combined several of my passions and met some awesome people along the way!

My role is to liaise between teams and strategise the best and most effective way to publicise events with their partnered charities. Firstly, we aim to minimise our paper postering this year in order to be more environmentally conscious. Therefore, we will need to optimise our communications via social media platforms, primarily Facebook. Similarly, our website has recently relaunched with a more user-friendly interface (you’re on it now!). The website now includes a section not only on how we support our selected charities but also how we support the students of Durham, through fundraising workshops, careers advice, in collaboration with Durham University Careers and Enterprise, and much more.

I am excited to introduce one-off opportunities to collaborate with DUCK pro-bono; whether it be as a photographer, videographer or blogger!

My favourite DUCK moment was at our Publicity team social!

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me playing hockey, making soup or socialising.


Sponsorship offiCer: NAmrata HAzarika

2nd year studying International Relations from Castle

DUCK not only provides better prospects to a cause it takes up but also brightens the lives of all it touches. Hence, organising, publicising and collecting sponsorship for DUCK, one feels a sense of pride that is hard to replicate.

I hope to secure steady sponsorship deals with organisations whose aspirations DUCK respects.

My favourite DUCK moment was the Big DUCK Social.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me watching movies, traveling or eating carbs!


PINK WEEK offiCer: Ffion Hughes

3rd year studying Psychology from St Cuthbert’s

I got involved with DUCK to get involved in extra curricular activities that made an impact to more than just my university experience such as charitable causes.

I aim to expand awareness of DUCK and specifically Brest Cancer Now's work in supporting people and raising money for worthwhile causes. I also aim to get the local community more involved and building a rapport with local charity organisations.

My favourite DUCK moment was firstly the social at Lebeneat; themed and a good way to get to know team members and have a good time. Secondly, I loved exec handovers. I enjoyed learning about all the work that goes behind making DUCK events and opportunities possible.

When not involved with DUCK you’ll find me baking, rowing or socialising!