This project works alongside team kenya


The work

We will be working with Team Kenya to promote gender equality in the Ndhiwa community; an area where young girls suffer from sexual exploitation, HIV and severe poverty. Volunteers will work in schools to educate boys and girls about women’s rights and the importance to girls of achieving their academic potential. If you are looking for an expedition where you can make a difference to people's lives who are affected by very real issues, then this could be the expedition for you next summer. Additionally, we will be interviewing local families and businesses who Team Kenya has supported through promotion of sustainable agriculture and economic practice, to enable their children to be sent to school. Furthermore, Durham students will help the Brighter Futures programme to coach mixed football to demonstrate gender equality through sport. 

Travel opportunities

Travel opportunities include climbing to the summit of Mount Kenya, participating in a ‘Big Five’ safari at the Maasai Mara National Park and doing water sports off the coast of Mombasa.


2019 leader: Bill Fernley

Second year Collingwood historian