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Marrakesh -2112 miles

Paris -546 miles

Melbourne -10, 479 miles

How far will you go?

With 36 hours ticking on the clock, it is a race to get as far away from Durham as possible without spending a penny! Whether it is hitchhiking across the UK, train-hopping through Europe or flight-blagging your way across continents…it is up to YOU to make your dream destination a reality! Past participants have ventured to major cities including Paris, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Melbourne, Marrakesh and many more! Sign up in teams of 2 or 3 via the Union Website.  


What is it?

All teams turn up in their respective outfits (the more outrageous the better!) at Durham jail at 8.00 in the morning of the event. And after being donned with DUCK's finest Jailbreak t-shirts, as the clock strikes 8.00, every team rushes off into the distance, each with nothing but a cardboard sign and their wits to get them by. Most important of all though, no team has the faintest idea of where in the world (literally!) they'll be 36 hours down the line... with not a penny spent and not a shadow of inhibition in anyone's mind - Durham Jailbreak truly is one of the most spontaneous events we have to offer!

How do I Join? 

Find yourself a team, suggested no more than 3 people per team, and sign up individually through the Student Union website, stating your team name when asked. If teams wish to swap team members then it is necessary to contact at least 1 week before the event due to insurance policy.

If an individual would like to apply but does not have a team to do so then please email and DUCK will try and arrange a team, respective of numbers who apply.

Send an email to  to be added to the event’s mailing list for up-to-date news on what’s going on.  . 

supporting charities

Save a Child's Heart

Save a Child’s Heart provides life-saving cardiac surgery and other lifesaving procedures at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel. Their doctors and nurses also hold preoperative and follow up cardiology clinics in Israel and abroad on a weekly basis. Save a Child’s Heart offers a comprehensive training program within Israel for doctors and nurses from developing countries, and leads surgical and teaching missions to our partner countries. To date, they have saved the lives of over 3,700 children from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout the Middle East. By mending hearts, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, or financial status, they contribute to a more peaceful and productive world; a happier, healthier world, and a better world for all children, and their families.

for more information visit their website. 

International Animal Rescue

IAR save animals from suffering around the world. Their work includes cutting free and caring for dancing bears in India, rescuing primates from captivity in Indonesia and sterilising and vaccinating stray dogs and cats in developing countries. Wherever possible they return rescued animals to their natural environment but they also provide a permanent home for animals that no longer survive in the wild. 

For more information visit their website


Adding to the value of the Jailbreak experience, participants can choose the charity they wish to support. Therefore if there's a cause close to your heart or that of a friend then this is a great chance to make your difference! If not, then what better way to find out more about a worthwhile cause than choosing a charity and supporting it as best you can! In November 2012, over £20,000 was donated to various charities from the funds raised through Jailbreak. This year, with the word spread well, there's no reason we can't make just as much. What do you have to lose?...

For more information about challenges events please email: