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Marrakesh -2112 miles

Paris -546 miles

Melbourne -10, 479 miles

How far will you go?

With 36 hours ticking on the clock, it is a race to get as far away from Durham as possible without spending a penny! Whether it is hitchhiking across the UK, train-hopping through Europe or flight-blagging your way across continents…it is up to YOU to make your dream destination a reality! Past participants have ventured to major cities including Paris, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Melbourne, Marrakesh and many more!


What is it?

All teams turn up in their respective outfits (the more outrageous the better!) at Durham jail at 8.00 in the morning of the event. And after being donned with DUCK's finest Jailbreak t-shirts, as the clock strikes 8.00, every team rushes off into the distance, each with nothing but a cardboard sign and their wits to get them by. Most important of all though, no team has the faintest idea of where in the world (literally!) they'll be 36 hours down the line... with not a penny spent and not a shadow of inhibition in anyone's mind - Durham Jailbreak truly is one of the most spontaneous events we have to offer!


Jailbreak 2018 was a massive success! We had teams get as far as Morocco and Alicante, with the winners, We Fried Our Best, reaching Tel Aviv! A massive thanks to everybody who took part and well done for raising money for your chosen charities.

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In support of Amnesty international

Amnesty International is a grassroots human rights charity that helps to protect people who have been denied justice, freedom and dignity.  They work to educate the public, expose abuses and create a safer, fairer world.  They received a Nobel Prize for their life-saving work.

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