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Approximate dates:  Mid July to Mid August
Approximate fundraising target: £2750 (including £1000 charitable donation)
Number of places: 15
2017 Expedition Leader: cara McCaib-O'Neill (cara.mccaib-o'
Application deadline: Friday 11th November 5pm

While in India we will be volunteering with a charity called Wildlife SOS where ewe will have the opportunity to work alongside elephants and bears, contributing to their welfare  and making a positive impact on their lives. We will also have the opportunity to experience the renowned beauty and magnificence of the wonders of India. Getting involved with this expedition might be the best decision you ever make!

If you’re up for the challenge of India 2017, if you love travelling and cultural immersion and are passionate about volunteering or even just have a love of the phenomenal food, then apply now!

about the leader: 

Hey, I'm in Cara and I'm in my second year of studying Finance at Stephenson College. I've done a lot of traveling before, but this will be my first time in India - one of the most diverse, most beautiful and most fascinating countries in the world. Super excited to be leading this expedition! From visiting the Taj Mahal in travel week, to washing elephants and chilling with sloth bears during the project with Wildlife SOS, I already know that it'll be the adventure of a lifetime.