Global issues

Our charities team organises a series awareness campaigns each year to raise awareness of global issues, alongside several charities. We would love to partner with colleges and welfare teams in our pursuit to make a difference.

For more information please in contact with our Charities Officer, Lucy Drysdale,


2019/2020 campaigns



During the first week of term, DUCK raised awareness of Student Wellbeing awareness campaign. This year, DUCK will be fundraising for Beat UK, the UK’s leading eating disorder charity. Hope for Children and Solidarity also provided us with some amazing resources to share. We have also partnered up with Mind, Meningitis Now and Meningitis Research Foundation to raise awareness for a number of issues which affect student wellbeing. Our ‘Give a Quack’ blog also featured a themed blog post by Georgia Bower.

We focused on mental health, in the run up to World Mental Health day on Wednesday (10th October) by sharing incredible resources, collaborated with college welfare and provided advice on how to access the relevant support.


2018/2019 campaign


In 2018/19 we ran a year long awareness campaign about the environmental impacts of our daily lives and how we can increase our sustainable practices. From Christmas food collections to DUCK coffee cups, our aim was to have a measurable impact on our environment and make our student body more sustainability!