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Fundraising Stories of Success

fundraising stories of success

Want to take part in a DUCK event but worried about the fundraising target? We bring you fundraising stories of success from past and present Durham students to reassure and inspire you.  Fundraising is easier than you think and can be great fun to do - especially if you team up with friends or other participants.  Your actions can make a huge impact to the charities we support and the people and animals that they support.  If you would like any further advice or have any questions please email our Fundraising Officer who is here to help you!

Sophie and her team outside the school which she fundraised £33,166 to build.

Sophie and her team outside the school which she fundraised £33,166 to build.

Success story: Sophie Jago

Amount Raised: £33,166

Time taken: 3 years

Money donated to: Most of the money went towards building a school in Nepal called Hillside Academy - it took 3 years to build and is now open with over 200 students.  The rest went to helping schools in Nepal and Sri Lanka

How did she do it?

We got the most money through sponsored events like walks, runs, sleep outs in school.  A really successful event was our quiz nights as we ran a raffle at the same time.  We also did car boot sales and organised treasure hunts for younger kids.