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Formally Lost

Hitchhiking the Durham Way!

Time to put your swankiest black tie on as you set off on a hitchhiking adventure. Once dropped off in a secret location within the UK you will be racing against the clock to make it back to Durham in time to be dined at an exclusive formal! Filled with a 2 course meal and entertainment it is a night not to be missed. So get out those Durham-esque loafers and strap on those stilettos as you get ready for Durham’s rogue-est event to date.



What is it?

The game is simple. Dress in your best black-tie and prepare for what is sure to be a delightful meal! Well, it’s almost so simple… You’re first blindfolded, dropped off in the middle of nowhere, and are left with the instruction to race back to Durham in time for dinner. Those who make it in time for the meal will be rewarded with a private formal in the picturesque Castle Great Hall.

What am I racing for?

Participants will be racing back in order to attend a fully prepared meal on the night. Some may saunter in for the starter, and some may emerge diligently for the dessert, while the coolest cats of the crew will already be there enjoying their meal, and the slackers will be stuck. 

How do I join?

Organise yourself a partner or group, sign up here individually, but stating your team names when asked to create a team.

Send an email to to be added to the event’s mailing list for up-to-date news on what’s going on. You are definitely encouraged to use this event as a first date – a bonding experience like no other! 


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