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The Exec

The DUCK Exec

This is our enthusiastic and friendly team who work behind the scenes to keep DUCK running smoothly and who you should contact if you have any questions!


Katie Bullman- Chair

Hi! I’m Katie, a third-year History student from St Chad’s and this year I am Durham University Charity Committee (DUCK)’s Chair. As Chair I will be leading one of the biggest student-led fundraising organisations in the country and overseeing everything that DUCK does, from our amazing international expeditions, to our infamous challenges like Jailbreak, to hilarious club nights and marathon endurance events. 

For the past two years DUCK has been one of the most influential and best parts of my university experience. I was a part of the DUCK Event’s team in my first-year and in second-year I gained a position on our Exec as the DUCK Event’s Officer. I know first-hand how fantastic this organisation is and that we truly have something to offer for everyone. It’s a great way to meet new people, immerse yourself in the Durham experience, all whilst raising money for some truly incredible causes. This year we hope to bring about some exciting changes, expand our efforts and make sure every single Durham student has the chance to get involved with DUCK and everything we do during their time at Durham. 

So, whether you want to travel somewhere new with one of our expeditions, push yourself to your limits with one of our endurance events, go on a crazy adventure with one of our challenges events, or take part in one of our rag raids, DUCK has it all and more. We look forward to seeing you at one of our next meetings!


Maria Campanini- Colleges Officer

Hi, I'm Maria - a third year Law student at Josephine Butler and I'm your Colleges Officer for this year. For my first 2 years at university I was on DUCK's events team helping to organise events such as the DUCK race and the Cathedral Sleepout. I'm really excited to lead the college rep team this year, and have a lot of ideas to increase each college's connection to DUCK and improve communication. I hope to be a good support base for all college charity activities, using my experience in events planning, which will be fundamental to achieving DUCK's high fundraising target for 2017-18. I am very excited about what's to come for DUCK with such a strong, determined and committed executive team!


Rosie Trainor- Events Officer

Hey! I’m Rosie, a second year IR student from Hild Bede, and DUCK’s events officer this year. I’m in charge of all DUCK’s events from sold-out club nights, the Big Band Ball, the DUCK race, College Swaps, and other exciting events that are in the works for this upcoming year! I was on the events team last year, and joining DUCK has honestly been the best decision I have made at uni- getting involved is a great way to meet like-minded people, and to do something really worthwhile for incredible causes! The events team has been a huge part of expanding DUCK’s name across Durham, so why not get involved and help us grow duck events even more, all while partying for charity?!



Gillian Scott- Expeditions Officer

Hi everyone! I’m Gillian, a third year historian at Marys, and I’m very excited to be your Expeditions Officer this year! I first heard about DUCK expeditions on my Open Day, was on the Thailand expedition in first year, and led the Peru expedition in second year. As Expeditions Officer, I’ll be coordinating all ten DUCK expeditions, training the leaders and generally managing all things expedition. Expeditions are honestly one of the most amazing things to get involved in - giving both time and money to great causes, travelling to exotic locations and making an incredible group of friends drawn from across Durham uni. You’ll see lots of publicity about them during Freshers Week, but if you’ve got any questions please feel free to drop me an email or find me on Facebook.



Jenna Chick- Communications and Publicity Officer

Hi! I’m Jenna (3rd Year English @ Cuths) and I’m excited to be DUCKs Communications and Publicity Officer this year! I’ve been on the publicity team for DUCK for two years, and have been able to experience just what a diverse, vibrant and exciting opportunity getting involved in DUCK can be.

I work closely with all the teams to ensure our message and brand are widely received and understood, and that the many charities we support are given a voice in the uni community. My ultimate aim is for everyone at Durham to know that that no matter how much bravery, endurance or wanderlust you’ve got, or if you simply just want a memorable day or evening, DUCK really does have something for everyone!

The exec have some incredible ideas; if there’s any year to join us, I promise you this is it. I’m in charge of managing the website, sending out the over-enthusiastic weekly emails, and running our Facebook pages and other social media, so give us a cheeky like/follow etc!



Marie Kriegler- Queens Campus Officer

Hi, I´m Marie a second year Applied Psychology student from Stephenson College. Last year I have been involved in a number of different events organized by DUCK such as the Santa Fun Run, the expedition to Thaialnd were I was the deputy leader and helping at organizing the Triwizard Ball. Therefore, I have previous experience in organizing events, working as a team and taking charge. I am looking forward of organizing a variety of events next year on Queen´s Campus and to work with a team together. I have plenty of ideas and cannot wait to share them.



Henry Irvine- Endurance Officer

Hi! I'm Henry, a third year Geography student from Chad's.  In my first year I got involved with DUCK through the Costa Rica expedition, the Santa Fun Run at Christmas and the London to Paris cycle ride in the summer... and it has led me to become the Endurance Officer for this year!  This means I help to organise the DUCK team for any ludicrously long distance events and prepare those wonderfully mad people who decide to put their bodies on the line in such events, all in the name of charity.  If running, cycling, canoeing, hiking or doing other sports for prolonged periods is your thing, check out some of the endurance challenges DUCK has to offer.  If not, it makes it all the more satisfying when you complete something you never imagined you could do - so go for it!



Chloe Abeki- Ragraids Officer

Hi, I'm Chloe! I'm a second year Biosciences student from Hild Bede College and I am very excited to start fulfilling my role as your 2017/18 Rag Raids officer! Charity fundraising has always been an important part of my life; through the years I have taken part in many different sponsored events for charity, most of which involving making myself look very silly or otherwise pushing myself out of my comfort zone to raise money for a variety of wonderful causes. This year I took part in Stroke Association's Tyne Zipwire, and a few days later helped fundraise for Durham's famous DUCK race! Being involved with events like this has been one of the highlights of my first year experience, and I cannot wait to continue my involvement with this amazing society. As your 2017/18 Rag Raids Officer, my goal is to bring ambition and fun to the role and inspire students to get involved with DUCK by offering more than just bucket dangling. I am bursting with ideas that I hope to, with the help of the Exec and students, make a reality. I believe that Rag Raids should be a wholly enriching experience; students involved can raise bucketloads for charities such as Mind, RSPCA, Stroke Association and more, whilst also unleashing their inner child by Raiding in creative costumes, and having fun exploring new cities and the culture and obligatory post-raid sesh they have to offer! The Raids I have planned are for a variety of different charities, and I believe there is something there for everyone. So get involved; fundraise for a cause close to your heart whilst also satisfying your wanderlust! What's not to be excited about?


Alice Simmons- Treasurer

Hey! I’m Alice, a third year physical geographer at St.Aidan’s college, and the treasurer for DUCK this year. After spending my second year as a member of DUCK events team, I’ve gained a taste of what DUCK has to offer. From club nights and balls, to cycling from London to Paris, DUCK has something for everyone and is such a great team to get involved with! As treasurer, it is my job to keep track of spending and to chase up fundraised money across all events. I cant’t wait for next year and for a bigger and better DUCK!


Flavia Ganzer- Challenges Officer

Hello! I’m Flávia, this year’s Challenges Officer. I’m a second year English Literature student from Brazil. This year I will be in charge of DUCK’s challenges including Formally Lost, Jailbreak and Everest Base Camp with Choose a Challenge. I have already been involved with DUCK as a member of the Events team and I can’t wait to see the impact DUCK will bring this year! If you’re interested in challenging yourself for charity or have any ideas or queries, drop me a message!