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DUCK Liaison Offier


In 2017-18 DUCK executive committee are introducing a new role entitled 'DUCK Liaison Officer'. 

Colleges Officer, Maria Campanini, will be leading this team. We welcome applications from all students. Please contact if you have any questions or queries about this role.

The role of DUCK Liaison Officer:

This role is one focused on expanding participation about central DUCK events and affairs within colleges and is thus more separated from planning of college DUCK events themselves. Each liaison officer will be required to publish on JCR pages and use social media to advertise each of DUCK’s events, expeditions, endurance events and challenges. All of the information to post will be provided by me via Facebook or email, including any posters or event links/attachment. Social media is the best platform to advertise DUCK’s events and maximise outreach to students for maximum attendance and, thus, profit for charity. Not only this, but DUCK run many expeditions, challenges and endurance activities which many students do not know about. Introducing the DUCK Liaison Officer role would mean DUCK’s audience is expanded, with information about expeditions/challenges/events reaching the entire student body.

The role would not be time consuming or demanding but is the ultimate key to better communication between college and DUCK.

The DUCK Liaison Officer may be required to attend meetings with other Liaison Officers. They will be informed of all of DUCK’s activities and can feedback to the college charity team. Their role as DUCK Liaison officer would not affect any responsibilities they may already have within the college charity team.

What DUCK can do for you:

This role does not directly include organisation of any events or creation of promotional material. Instead, in return for your efforts, DUCK would be able to offer discounted tickets to our events, as would be the case for a nightclub promotor, for example. More significantly, DUCK could offer you networking opportunities with various charities which may be crucial in securing work experience or launching future career in charity, if this is of interest. It is also a great way to get involved with charity work by acting as the key ingredient to maximising profit. The role is also a great introduction to DUCK if you envisage joining our team in another role in the future, a great addition to your CV and a chance to increase your BNOC status in college through frequent JCR posts.