Costa Rica

Live on an idyllic secluded beach for a month whilst participating in invaluable conservation - what more could you ask for!

This project is in aid of GLobalTeer’s sea turtle conservation project



The Work

Based on a beautiful beach on the Pacific coast, we will be volunteering with a sea turtle conservation project. The volunteering involves duties such as beach cleaning, constructing hatcheries, releasing baby turtles and night patrols of the beach.


travel opportunities

Costa Rica presents a wide variety of travel opportunities from adventure to city exploration. We will travel along the coastline exploring the wildlife of Costa Rica’s rainforest; where we will see some of the incredible volcanic sites and even have the chance to surf or try white water rafting! As well as some adventure Costa Rica provides the opportunity to visit some amazing cities such as La Fortuna and San Jose.


2019 leader: Rachel Little

Hi, I’m Rachel! A second year Mary’s student and last year I went on the India expedition. I had such an incredible time so I’m really excited to lead Costa Rica this year. The Costa Rica expedition offers you the chance to spend six weeks in paradise, doing really beneficial volunteering building on the work of previous DUCK groups.