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Charity of the Week

Concern Universal

Communications Officer

Concern Universal is an International Development and Emergency Relief organisation which works with people in some of the poorest countries of the world to find local, sustainable solutions to poverty and inequality.

Last year we raised over £700 for Concern Universal from a RagRaid in Edinburgh.

From donations like ours, Concern Universal works towards goals like supplying Flower Pot Stoves. Nearly half of the population around the world still rely on solid fuels (mostly wood) to fuel the fires they cook food on. This creates toxic smoke and causes diseases like lung cancer, pneumonia and cardiopulmonary disease. The silent killer invades homes and villages, but can be easily prevented.Concern Universal’s Flower Pot Stoves radically reduce the amount of smoke emitted by fires. They mean cleaner air for women and children. Find out more here:…/campaigns…/flower-pot-stoves/

RagRaids are an opportunity to raise money (usually in fancy dress) for UK charities in fun cities across the country. Not only do you get to travel to a multitude of destinations for exciting days out with pals but your enjoyment is for the benefit of others less fortunate than you. Contact Maeve Bartlett, Ragraids Officer, for more information