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Challenges are an inclusive and exhilarating way to get involved with DUCK. All these unique and wacky experiences allow you to get actively involved in charity work.

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You have 36 hours to get as far away from Durham as possible without spending any of your own money! Last year, our winners made it to Tel Aviv. How far will you get?


Formally Lost

IN SUPPORT OF young minds

Once dropped off in a secret location within the UK you will be racing against the clock to hitchhike back to Durham in time to be wined and dined at an exclusive Castle formal!


Everest Base Camp Trek

In association with Choose a challenge and hope for children

Ever what to trek through the majestic Himalayan Peaks? Well at DUCK, with the help of choose a challenge, we are giving Durham students the opportunity to do just so!



In support of COCO

The highest mountain in Africa, Kili is one of the most popular treks in the world for good reason. So why not do it for charity? With a group of like-minded uni students? And why not throw in a week of safari or a bit of Zanzibar to celebrate at the end? Join DUCK Kili, and do just that.


For more information visit our Facebook page or contact Manuela Griffin,