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Blog 2015

Uganda 2

Communications Officer

On Sunday 23 of August most of us did the bungee jump over the Nile, all choosing to get plunged in. We all had a great time, although Lucy won the spoon for the hilarity of her scream.

On project the playground started to come together. New jobs included sanding, bolting and cementing. At the weekend all but the grannies (so called because they have graduated) went white water rafting and stayed on an island called Hairy Lemon where we all found ourselves. Funny events included Harry melting from sun cream, Heather getting hit by an oar, Eren rafting with 5 big German lads and me accidentally making a child cry...

Last week on project we started painting and by now we are almost finished. Parachute games with the kids went down really well on Thursday afternoon. This week we have final touches to do and cleaning up the building site. We have high hopes for winning the competition for the best painted shops.

This weekend we went on safari which was an amazing experience. We were really lucky and saw lions, elephants and giraffes. There were many hippos as well, one called Gloria we met wandering through our campsite... Eren's breakfast was also stolen by a baboon and Heather worried the camp with her frequent screaming due to bugs. We finished off with a trek to the beautiful Murchison Falls.