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Blog 2015

Tanzania Week 2

Communications Officer

Week 2 began with the speedy construction of the second water talk, meaning we have provided the village with an additional 600L of water storage! Team Tanz speedily set about working on the classroom. This has been used as storage for the last 6 years which means that two years have had to share one classroom and miss school because of this. The classroom was filled with old bookshelves, fertiliser, paint tins and enough wood to make up a small forest; which the team managed to clear in a day. 

After our challenging introduction to teaching, the team was apprehensive about the second lesson but this proved to be unwarranted as the lesson was a huge success! The children (and volunteers!) really enjoyed themselves and there was a marked improvement in their understanding from the beginning of the lesson to the end. The next day we carried out a music lesson where the students made their own instruments from recycled materials and craft things we had bought over, which they loved. The Tanzanian primary school curriculum is very focused on exams and rote learning which does not allow for much creative thinking so we designed this session to be really interactive and engage the children’s imaginations. It was incredible to see how something so simple could be met with such enthusiasm and excitement and it was quite humbling. After a really successful week the team head in to Arusha for some much deserved R&R and get ready for a weekend of safari!