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Blog 2015

Tanzania Week 1 entry 2

Communications Officer

Week 1 begins after breakfast at the Tesha’s (our host family), with the day split into construction work in the morning and in the afternoon we organise and carry out sessions in Olbak primary school. The first phase of construction is building water tanks, which will store water and means that students do not have to make daily trips to collect water, which cuts into their schooling time. Team Tanz really gives construction their all which is shown by how speedily the first water tank is built and our fantastic in-country manager Amy is nearly speechless at how fast we are!

However, teaching proves to be a bit more of a challenge. The original plan is to hold a Masai literacy class and provide English classes for year 6. Sadly the Masai do not turn up to our sessions but Team Tanz are not disheartened and plan a series of classes based around music, art and sport for the students. The English classes get off to a bit of a rocky start when it is apparent that the standard of English is no way near the level expected but this only makes us more determined to provide sessions which will really aid the students’ learning.

The group enjoyed a great weekend in Arusha which includes a beautiful waterfall trek in the foothills of Mount Meru, a trip to Shanga house and a shower! At Shanga house we are treated to a champagne reception and four-course meal which was quite luxurious to say the least! We were then given a tour of the workshops where disabled Tanzanians are employed to try and improve their quality of life as they are often prejudiced against and have great difficulty in finding jobs.