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Blog 2015

Romania 1

Communications Officer

Monday finally arrived, and we were all so excited. After having breakfast, Erno came to transport us to the care homes. The village they are in is literally one road, and the 2 care homes are apparently the biggest buildings in the area. Everyone agreed the care homes were a lot better than what we expected; with a huge garden growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables, and roses around the house. After lunch, we finally got the chance to meet the children, whose age ranged from 6 to 17 years old. Everyone was overwhelmed by their cuteness. We did some icebreaker games with the kids and had a chilled and early night. 

Throughout the week, we divided the group into 2, one running the summer camp, while the other was doing renovation. This week’s theme was 'all around the world', and we did activities around one continent on each day. So far we've done Asia, Europe, America. Today we managed to finish the papier-mâché hot air balloons, and they look very good. However Alun said 'never again!!!' after getting covered by the paste…