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Blog 2015

Cambodia 6

Communications Officer

Friday flourished before us- another week escaped into the whir of memories. It was a remarkably rewarding day - inspiring a classroom of excitable young children. Alisha's shining moment of recognition came when a chance funeral encounter ushered a real life teaching aid into the school playground - in the form of a cow. Next - an impromptu photo shoot eclipsed our objective of teaching in a frenzy of Pepsi hysteria.

That night we headed to sky bar for some cheeky cocktails. Chloe took to the stage to inform the adjacent table of Cambodian revellers that she is 'Spartacus'. The next day we ventured to the river with a tour guide, an exotic elfish beauty with a tendency to speak in riddles. We played cards, caught some rays and almost got carried away by the potent undercurrents of the Sangke.

That evening we went to the lonely tree cafe, run by an NGO. The whole ethos of the establishment was incredibly inspiring, a tree standing tall and resolute, mirrored the strength and determination of the volunteers, a quality we sought to take with us on our personal journeys. The next day we went to our cook, Davit's, housewarming in the countryside to share in food, prayer and songs with friends.