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Blog 2015

Cambodia 4

Communications Officer

By the middle of week two we were starting to make real progress with both the construction and volunteering. One kitchen was pretty much done, whilst the other was a having the roof and flooring put in. It felt very satisfying to leave each day seeing how much progress we had made in such a short space of time. The experience was made more rewarding by  the huge improvements made in communication between us and the two families. We picked up a few Khmer words and even the families' youngest members learned a little English.

By this time we had gotten into the swing of teaching and were getting to know the kids. After a full week of teaching English, the 'fun Friday dance off' felt very well deserved for both kids and teachers alike.

On Saturday morning, after a much needed lie-in we headed to the world's only bamboo train; a 3km long train once used to transport rice which now takes tourists through the beautiful green jungle surrounding Battambang. In the afternoon we visited the Killing Caves where atrocities took place during the Khmer Rouge Regime. Sunday was a more relaxed, on which we took a Khmer cooking course. We made spring rolls as well as traditional fish amok and beef lok lak.

All in all, it has been an enjoyable yet tiring week but luckily our leader Aoife's wise words were there to guide us through the gruelling heat, reminding us at all times to 'not let the fear of hitting your thumb stop you from hitting the nail'.