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Blog 2015

Cambodia 3

Communications Officer

On Sunday we were extremely excited to start the project, spending the whole day planning the itinerary for the week.

Once Monday morning arrived, we were well-rested and ready to go by 08:00. TUK TUKs drove us down to the project site, a rural house in the countryside. It housed a family of five, but only consisted of a shared room. We have been given the task of constructing a kitchen for the family, made of wood, corrugated sheets and bamboo. In the afternoon, we teach children at CAD3 which is a school for children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who cannot afford to pay for the extra classes they need.

Future Sense foundation works alongside Children's Action for Development (CAD) to provide these children with the education they deserve. The school teaches around 100 students in an open area with only one walled class room. So far we have taught the alphabet and colours to the  younger children, and geography and weather to the older ones. The enthusiasm of the children amazes us day-in-day-out, and gives us the courage we require to stand under cold showers and sweat through stuffy nights without air conditioning.