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Blog 2015

Borneo 5

Communications Officer

This was the week they all told us would be the hardest. And certainly when we stepped off the dodgy propeller plane onto Kalimantan soil we all did so with butterflies in our stomachs - or was that the food poisoning?? 

Although it can't be denied that the past week has been tough in more ways than one, I think everyone has found the project in Ketapang enjoyable, satisfying and have learnt something about themselves in the short space of time. Who knew that Rachel. P was a machine with a saw, that Emily was a mean brick-layer or that Ben could wheelbarrow 100 times his body weight in sand? Just kidding, but it is heavy!

We have been helping out with two main projects: building a rainforest nursery for saplings that need shade to flourish, and building bridges to the forest covered island that DUCK helped purchase last year, where the juvenile orang-utans can frolic and learn the tricks of the trade.

Every day, we've been working roughly 09:00 – 17:00 in 35 degree heat and needless to say by the end of each day we are all desperately in need of a shower, or a "mandi" in our case, a tub of cold water which you pour over yourself, more refreshing than you might think! At this stage, it's become hard to discern what are tan lines and what are dirt lines and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't daydreaming about English mizzle and non-rice based meals! I look forward to the rest of the project, the glimpses of baby orang-utans being carted around in wheelbarrows and working with the best team in the world!