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Blog 2015

Borneo 4

Communications Officer

After leaving the luxury of Basaga we headed off on our next leg of the journey to Matang, a wildlife sanctuary in Sarawak that is the only one of it's kind to accept absolutely any animal that they are given! After a tour of the grounds, seeing sun bears, orangutans, crocs, gibbons, hornbills and so much more, we set about on some enrichment work for the monkeys. We used newspaper, plastic bottles, leaves, string and egg trays to concoct puzzles in which the monkeys can get food out of. It was then incredible to watch the orangutans get their packages - some were more delicate than others it has to be said! Many of us were extremely shocked at how human like they are, some of them separating each element in to piles, and playing with the materials! Whilst at Matang we had the upward struggle of the Indonesian embassy to try and get visas - something which also you would think was simple, proved to be incredibly challenging! We all got them in the end however!!

From Matang we headed out to Bako National Park which involved a lovely boat ride across the South China Sea - we even saw some wild crocodiles! This park is famed for it's probiscus monkeys, and we were not disappointed! We also took park in a night walk which treated us to many a spider and even a little tortoise! 

Kubah national park was next on the list and this offered a nice refreshing trek to a waterfall - a great place for some photos! This was the start of our next 4 days of vegan meals - they were SO delicious, much to (some of) our surprise!

After travelling back to Matang for a long weekend of enrichment activities and night-time hardcore jungle trekking to see a sloe lorris, we headed out to Ketapang, the project down in Indonesia, and the main part of our trip. It was an interesting 9 hour bus journey with blaring dance music and lots of requests for photos from the locals, but we made it, although some looking a little peakier than others! Our last night of luxury in a hotel before the project and some real manual labour!