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About DUCK

DUCK (Durham University Charities Kommittee) exists to support students and staff in raising money for and awareness of an array of charities throughout the UK and beyond. 

We offer extraordinary opportunities to meet new people through our events, explore the world through our expeditions and test your endurance levels to the limit in our challenges.

What makes this all so fantastic is that whilst doing this we raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities across the globe!

To become a member of DUCK, allowing you to find out all about the events we run throughout the year and information on how to sign up to them, join here.  You can follow us on any of our social media channels using the links below.


About us

We are the fundraising arm of the Durham Students Union and are completely student led.

In 2014, DUCK was credited with an award for being the Best Student Fundraising Group of the Year and it is something we’re incredibly proud of. Everything we do is thanks to your help. So, scout out an event that takes your fancy and get involved! We promise you’ll enjoy every second of it. Together, with your help, we can make this year even bigger and better!


DUCK is the fundraising arm of the Durham Students’ Union which is a registered charity (1145400). We act as a charities committee, raising funds for existing charities in the UK and across the globe. We actively encourage people to fundraise for charity and then distribute that money to various causes. We encourage the student body of Durham University to fundraise and have a Giving Strategy in place which helps us to determine which charities we support, based on our giving criteria.

DUCK falls under the Durham Students’ Union’s governance, providing the students with an array of diverse fundraising events to get involved with. Money raised through DUCK for particular charities are sent directly to them via the Durham Students' Union's finance department.

Money raised for the DUCK allocations fund are divided at the end of the year and given as grants to various charities who have applied for our support through our applications process. These charities are all in line with our Giving Strategy.

When running events we have participation fees to cover the running costs. We endeavour to keep these as low as possible.

Visit our Fundraising Stories of Success section to see stories of Durham students who have raised money both within and outside of DUCK.  Here you will find other people's experiences of fundraising and methods that they have found successful - have a look, you will no doubt find inspiration and see that our fundraising targets are achievable. 


DUCK is the fundraising arm of the Durham Students’ Union which is a registered charity (1145400)