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Like a RAG, Durham University Charities Kommittee strives to empower Durham University students, staff and locals so that they can make a difference to amazing causes by engaging in unique experiences


About us

Durham University Charities Kommittee, as known as DUCK, is Durham’s version of a university RAG, which means we are here to support all students and staff in fundraising for charities in the North East, nationally and internationally. We offer extraordinary opportunities to meet new people through our events, explore the world through our expeditions and test your endurance levels to the limit in our challenges. What makes this all so fantastic is that whilst doing this we raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity.

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Charity work at university is a unique chance to give back, both to the local community and beyond. It offers you the chance to make a difference in the world through generating funds that are of vital importance to a number of charities, and develop yourself and your skills while doing so. In particular, the money that goes towards our Local Charities Fund makes a real difference to the local community and is an amazing way for us to engage and connect to where we live.



Taking part in DUCK events is easy to do and a great experience. From RAG raids to club nights to running the London Marathon - we will be able to find the perfect event for you!


Here at DUCK we have various teams that would love to have you involved! Our teams are led by our lovely exec, and applications open at the beginning of every academic year.

Make a Donation

Follow the link to donation to the LCF (for free)! Sign up to Percent and choose DUCK as your cause. Spend as normal in partnered local retailers and donate straight back to the community.


Our charities 2019/20

DUCK has a Giving Strategy which lays out our criteria for choosing which charities to support. DUCK prioritises those which make the maximum impact in the lives of those who need it most. We understand that different programs aim for different sorts of results and we do not hold to a single universal rule for determining what specific ‘impact’ we are looking for. Ultimately, we support charities which run relatively inexpensive yet highly effective and sustainable programmes, thus successfully fulfilling a demonstrable need in the world. These are the charities we will be supporting in 2019/20. Click on each of the logos below to access the respective charity’s website.

A message from our Chair

I am so excited to be the Chair of DUCK going into our next academic year

Throughout my 2 years being involved in DUCK, I have been in awe at how dedicated and passionate everyone involved is about making a difference for the charities we fundraise for, and I am proud to be a part of this incredible family.

Next year, our mission has been tailored to 3 integral goals:

  1. Outreach

  2. Unity

  3. Charity


Due to being such a central part of Durham University, it is important to me that DUCK develops its outreach throughout all of Durham, with both students and the local community. The more people involved in DUCK, the bigger the family, the bigger the support and the more we can help our charities.


DUCK is made up of many incredible teams, and I want to celebrate these by increasing the cohesion across all of the teams. We are one big family all united under one common goal; to fundraise for charity. By celebrating our unity, we can come together more successfully to help our incredible charities.


We have, and will continue to have, an incredible charity focus driving everything that we do. Our charities will continue to be central to us, focussing on why we are fundraising, who we are supporting and why our work is important.


DUCK is such an important part of life at university, and we really can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

DUCK love x



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